Billion Dollar Buyer Season 3 Renewed By CNBC

Tilman J. Fertitta became one of the most popular businessmen of United States due to his reality TV show Billion Dollar Buyer. The first season of Billion Dollar Buyer premiered on CNBC in March 2016 and became one of the most watched premieres for CNBC. Season 1 concluded on 26 April 2016 with 6 episodes.

The success of first season encouraged CNBC to renew the show for a second season. Billion Dollar Buyer returned on TV with second season on 22 November 2016. Second season consisted of 12 episodes and its finale premiered on 21 February 2017. The second season of Billion buyer was widely applauded. Within a week CNBC announced that Billion Dollar Buyer has been renewed for a third season and it will possibly premiere on TV in October 2017.

Billion Dollar Buyer is a reality TV show and it stars American businessman Tilman Fertitta in lead role. The concept of the show focuses on small and new business. Tilman visits various cities across the countries in hope to find small businesses that can become part of his company Landry’s Inc. If the small business owners are able to impress him with their business models and their products then Tilman will land them a deal of a lifetime i.e. to work for Landry’s Inc.
Billion Dollar Buyer Season 3 Release Date
Season 1 of Billion Dollar Buyer had 6 episodes and each episode was one hour long. In each episode Tilman will choose two small business owners of a city and evaluate their product and business models. He will introduce them to the audience and will share his expertise on their small businesses. In each episode he will suggest some positive changes to the small business owners and will give them some time to regulate it. At the end of the show he will re-judge their products and ideas. After that he will land a deal to the one who impressed him the most and was able to implement the improvement. Sometimes he will choose both candidates for his company and sometimes he will accept neither.

This unique concept was very much loved by audience and almost a million viewers plugged in to watch season 1 and season 2. Tilman would end each episode at his headquarters at Houston, Texas. All the episodes are available for online streaming on the official website of CNBC. Billion Dollar Buyer has made Tilman a popular star and the social following of Billion Dollar Buyer has increased to thousands on sites like facebook and twitter.

The third season of Billion Dollar buyer was renewed in March 2017. The channel even began a casting hunt in March 2017 so that they can find potential small business owners for third season. The filming of third season will begin in Summer 2017 and it will premiere on TV in September/October 2017. Billion Dollar Buyer Season 3 will include 12 episodes and each episode will feature different (and new) cities of United States. The finale of Billion Dollar Buyer Season 2 saw battle between two design teams and it met critical acclaim. Tilman has even commented on the presidency of Trump and he said that he will show that businessman can run this country better than politicians.