Top 100 Best Animated Movies Of All Time

Greatest Cartoon Films of All time

What are the best animated movies? If i was given a list of movies of various genres and was asked to pick a single film of particular genre, i would have gone with Animation genre. Reason being that Animation is full package of entertainment. A well made Animated movie could not only covers up almost all the genres (Action, Comedy, Romance, Drama, Fantasy and even Horror and science fiction) but also could be watched along with whole family. Kids love animated movies (and So Do I). The days when animation/cartoon films were considered to be only confined to kids are long gone. Not only animation movies made today are able to attract adult audience but are also able to gain cult following.

If you take a look on the list of Top 100 highest grossing movies of all time you will find that the list has more than dozen of animated movies. Dozens of Animated movies are released every year and most of them (if not all) are blockbusters. Due to the success of animated movies at box office, more and more film production companies are investing in CGI animation films.

The very first Animation film is said to be Snow White and Seven Dwarfs which was released in 1937 by Disney Studios. The film met critical acclaim and every body knows the success story of Disney after that. In those days Hand Drawn Animation or Traditional Animation was used to make animated movies. Where several hand drawn pictures were moved so fast (12 frames per second) that people were tricked into thinking that the objects they are seeing are actually moving. Then came CGI or Computer Graphics Imagery which made the animation process much easier. Studios made fortunes from Computer Animated films. In 21st century, 3D Animation movies are on move and are currently the leaders in highest grossing animated films.

Best Animated Movies

Walt Disney Studios leads the Animation movies genre and has produced 70% of the successful animation films. People loves Disney Animated movies and has a huge cult following for Animated movies released during the Disney Renaissance period (1989-1999).Disney also annually release animated Christmas movies. Among other Production studios, people love Pixar and Dreamworks animated movies.

Here is the list of 100 greatest cartoon films of All time. Please note that we had tried to include best Animated films from world cinema, so you will also find Japanese Anime movies and Animated movies of film industries other than Hollywood. This animated movies list is updated regularly and you will find latest animated movies too.

100. The Secret of NIMH
best animated movies
99. Ninja Scroll
best animated movies
98. The Great Mouse Detective
best animated movies
97. The Croods
best animated movies
96. Paprika
best animated movies
95. Porco Rosso
best animated movies
94. The Secret world of Arrietty
best animated movies
93. The Dark Crystal
best animated movies
92. The Aristocats
best animated movies
91. Waking Life
best animated movies
90. The Fox and the Hound
best animated movies
89. The Sword in the Stone
best animated movies
88. The Land Before Time
best animated movies
87. Final Fantasy Series
best animated movies
86. Frankenweenie
best animated movies
85. Paranorman
best animated movies
84. Anastasia
best animated movies
83. Rise of the Guardians
best animated movies
82. The Princess and the Frog
best animated movies
81. A Scanner Darkly
best animated movies

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  1. Diana Piccico

    - Edit

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I was a bit questioned that I didn’t find these movies…
    – A Cat in Paris (Digit Anima)
    – Free Birds (Reel FX Creative Sudios)
    – Turbo (Dreamworks)
    – A Monster in Paris (Bibo Films)
    – The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Disney)
    – Frozen (Disney)
    – The Lego Movie (Warner Bros.)

    Btw, look out for these new animated movies coming out!
    – Inside Out (Pixar)
    – The Book of Life(Reel FX Creative Studios)
    – Big Hero 6 (Disney)
    – The Good Dinosaur (Pixar)
    – Home (Dreamworks)
    – Minions (Illumination Entertainment)

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