Ben Affleck is the New Batman in Man of Steel Sequel – Oh Really??

So finally the wait is over people, our new Batman is here. He is none other than Oscar winning director, Screenplay writer and actor Ben Affleck. Clearing out all the assumptions and confusion over new Batman and settling down the excitations of people, Warner Bros announced on Friday that ‘Argo’ fame Ben Affleck will be playing the superhero Batman in the upcoming Man of Steel Sequel. The Sequel (titled popularly as Superman Vs Batman) will be directed by Zack Snyder. The plot of the sequel is said to focus on the rivalry among the two greatest superheroes, Batman and Superman. Henry Cavill has brilliantly portrayed the greatest Superhero Superman in Man of Steel. The film did not crossed the $1 Billion mark but there is no doubt that it was loved by people.

Keeping the future of series in sight, Warner Bros. announced one month ago that for the first time in history Batman and Superman will be seen in the same film. As soon as the announcement was made, people started making assumptions that who will be the new Batman? Many wanted Christian bale to reprise the role from the blockbuster Dark Knight Saga. But even after getting a whooping offer of $50 Million, Christian bale decided to stay away from the project.

Ben Affleck

Interestingly Ben has played George Reevs (The First actor to portray Superman) in the 2006 biography film Hollywoodland.

Lots of choices and assumptions were made. Among the top runners were – Ryan gosling, Ryan Reynolds, Bradley cooper, Chris pine and Michael Fassbender. Interestingly, Ben Affleck was no where near the assumptions of film pundits and fans. But clearing out all the clouds on Batman actor, Warner Bros roped in Ben Affleck for the role. Ben Affleck has previously played the role of superhero Daredevil which thrashed at box office. That was one decade ago. Things has certainly changed a lot in since the last 10 years.

Despite our faith in Ben affleck’s talent as director and Screenplay writer, we still doubt will he be able to maintain the dark persona of Batman. Michael Keaton did it good but Christian bale was fab in this role and surely people are eager to compare his performance with Bale. Bale is 39 right now and Affleck is 41. Zack snyder announced previously that Batman will be younger than 40 but Affleck is not.

After we know that Who will be the Next Batman in Man of Steel 2? The Next Question Arises will Ben Affleck continue the legacy of Batman set by Christian bale or will he be a failure like George Clooney’s Batman?