Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Wiki, Cast, Plot and Release Date

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

The biggest announcement ever made in the Hollywood is probably the announcement of producing Batman + Superman film. It was never done before and may not repeat for decades. This announcement came at Comic Con 2013, right after the success of Man Of Steel, the first superman film. Warner Bros and DC comics has surely learned a lot from the success of Marvel Studios and has finally decided to make their own cinematic universe. Batman Vs Superman is the first film that will trigger the events for a shared universe. Here is all you need to know about Batman Vs Superman:

Director Of Batman Vs Superman

While many film lovers were expecting the reboot of Superman, Man of Steel to make $1 billion or above, but the studios were satisfied with the $600 million revenue too. The success of Man of Steel was credited to director Zack Snyder and DC studios made the announcement right away that Zack will be back for the sequel too. Zack Snyder will team up with screenplay writer David S Goyer for the highly anticipated film Batman Vs Superman.

Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice

Cast of Batman Vs Superman

As soon as it was announced that The dark Knight will be sharing screen with the Man Of Steel, every fan in the world gave their own theory of who will play a great caped crusader. Henry Cavill was already praised for his portrayal of Superman in Man of Steel, so it was obvious to cast a strong counterpart opposite Henry Cavill. Fans and critics strongly suggested to bring back Christian bale as Batman but Bale refused to return. After about a month long search DC studios finally found Batman in academy award winning Ben Affleck. Though it didn’t pleased all the fans but still they didn’t lose interest in the film. Later it was announced that it will not be just Batman but other supporting characters too. Batman’s trustworthy butler Alfred Pennyworth will be played by Jeremy Irons. Beautiful actress Gal Gadot will play one of the most famous female super hero Wonder woman on screen. DC tried their best to keep secret of Aquaman casting but it was soon revealed that ‘Game of Thrones’ fame Jason Momoa will play the king of the sea.

For a strong superhero duo we surely need a strong supervillain and who could be better other than Lex Luthor. The arch enemy of Superman will be played by Jesse Eisenberg. Lois Lane will return to screen and will be played by beautiful Amy Adams.Actor Ray fisher will play the humanoid Cyborg in the film.As Batman vs Superman will lead to the team of superheroes Justice League. So there are several superheroes that needed to be included in the film. Superheroes like The Flash and Robin are still vacant and it is still not known whether they will be included in the final film or not.

Plot of Batman Vs Superman

The title pretty much tells about what the film will be. Superman does not kill any one while Batman has other thoughts about punishing the evil man. This result in battle between the two greatest superheroes of all time. Other superheroes like Aquaman, Cyborg and The flash will play a major role in the film.

Release Date of Batman Vs Superman

The most anticipated film of all time – Batman Vs Superman will release on 24th March 2016.