Batman Archenemy Joker Will be Introduced in Fox TV Show Gotham

Why So Serious?

Fox TV show Gotham is already a huge hit among fans and critics. Premiered on September 22, 2014 The show become such fan favorite that the show creators extended the first season for six more episodes. Originally Gotham was going to be of 16 episodes but the love it got from fans forced the Fox studios and show creators to extend it to 22 episodes. Impressed from the ratings of the show, the producers has decided to finally give back some love to the audience. Recently, Show runner Bruno Heller teased in an interview that in the long parade of Batman villains the Joker story line will soon be ended BEFORE SEASON ONE ENDS.

Since the premier of Gotham, Bruno has said that he will be living bits and pieces of hints for Joker’s character. Many fans have given theories online that the Joker has already been teased in several episodes of Gotham. Gotham is mainly focusing on giving origin stories of popular Batman villains such as Penguin, Riddler, Scarecrow and Two face along with back story of characters like Commissioner Jim Gordon, Selina Kyle aka Catwoman and Poison Ivy.


Fans are already overwhelmed by the way the Penguin story line is moving own. Robin Lord Taylor who is playing Oswald ‘Penguin’ Cobblepot has already gained a dedicated fan following for his performance. On the other hand the story of Edward Nygma (Riddler) is moving in the right direction too. Bruno explained more about the Riddler storyline stating that while Penguin is a born sociopath, Edward Nygma, on the other hand, is forced by love (that turns into obsession) to take the dark path of Riddler.

It will be interesting to see that who will play the role of Joker and how the Joker story line will be incorporated in the main plot. Although Bruno has hinted that it will be just a knock on the door by the joker but that is more than enough for the fans to get excited for the show. After all the clown prince of crime is one of the most loved supervillains and Heath Ledger’s performance in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight has only increased Joker’s fan following to millions. We hope that Gotham is able to duplicate the success of Joker as expected and also give a little more focus on Bruce Wayne and how he become the Caped crusader, the one, the BATMAN.