Avatar 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast and all Rumors About Avatar Sequel

Everything About the Sequel Of Avatar

5 Long Years have been passed since the epic Sci Fi Film of James Cameroon that introduced us to a whole new world – Avatar. A Lot of things happened during these 5 years. We saw Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy ending at a significant note. We saw Joss Whedon’s team of superheroes The Avengers fighting against evil. We saw the end of Harry Potter Series :(. We even saw a third Toy Story film in between. But none of them was able to break the record (or even come half closer) of Avatar. After so long when so much hype has already been built around Star Wars VII and Batman Vs Superman, We Wonder where the Avatar Sequel is going to? Here are all the details that you need to know about your favorite sci fi film Avatar 2.

Avatar 2 Director

Back in 2009 when Avatar become a phenomenon then Director James Cameroon already indicated about the sequels. Yes you heard it right. James said in an interview that he is planning for as much as 3 sequels to Avatar. He showed a keen interest in both producing and directing the sequels. As of Now Director James Cameroon has confirmed about Avatar 2, Avatar 3 and Avatar 4.

Avatar 2 Release Date

When the summer of 2015 was forcefully filled with series of highly anticipated movies, there were rumors around that James Cameroon too will bag any date in Summer 2015. But James announced that he is not looking for the release date anywhere before fall 2016. So you have to wait for Avatar 2 till November 2016.

Avatar 2

Avatar 2 Cast

Australian Actor Sam Worthington who became a world icon from his role in Avatar has announced about his signing of Avatar 2. Sam recently said that the Shooting of Avatar 2 will begin in Fall 2014. Sam will reprise his role of Jake Sully. It is still unknown if Zoe Saldana and Sigourney weaver will reprise there role or not.

Avatar 2 Plot

James Cameroon wrote Avatar by himself but for the sequels he has hired a team of good writers. As of now his team includes Josh Weidman (War of the worlds writer), Shane Salerano, Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver. James has already outlined the plot of Avatar 2. James stated in a interview that a lot of work has been done and a whole lot of new spieces and habitats will be introduced in Avatar sequels. His underwater expedition in late 2010 has indicated that the director might show an underwater world. James has already shown us the beauty of Underwater world in The Abyss.

Are you Excited about Avatar 2? Who you want to see in Avatar 2? Do you think that James will make a whole new world of new species and habitats like in Star Trek, Lord of the Rings or will he just star with the Na’vi theme?