Archer Season 9 aka Danger Island Gets Premiere Date by FX

FX’s hit animated spy sitcom Archer is renewed for yet another season and this time again we will see a whole different story line. Executive Producer Matt Thompson discussed about the future of Archer Season 9 at SDCC. He was joined by the cast and crew of Archer. Thompson cleared about the future Archer and where the story is going to lead after the explosive finale of Season 8. Will we get to See Lana?

Archer to Conclude with Season 10?

Fans of Archer TV series were rejoiced to hear the good news that Archer will return to FXX network next year with season 9. Along with this Matt Thompson cleared that Archer will end with season 10 and that will be the final good bye. NO SPIN OFFS – NO RETURN.

Matt was already hinting about the possible conclusion of Archer and he even went on to say that Season 7 might be the last. Luckily for fans, the TV series was renewed by FX confirming that Matt has plans for three more seasons. Matt later confirmed that not only Archer will end with Season 10 but the last three seasons will have shorter episodes than usual (8 episodes to be exact). We are already missing our favourite spy so much. It is undoubtedly one of the best tv series of all time.

What happened in Last Season of Archer

As we know that Archer was shot in the finale of Season 7 and was assumed dead. However in Season 8 it was revealed that Archer survived the Gunshot and is in coma. The whole Season 8 was set in Archer’s dream (hence titled Dreamland). It followed Archer’s adventure in 1940’s Los Angeles. Surprisingly, the season ended without explaining about what is going on in the real life of the characters of Archer. Has Archer come out of Coma? Did Lana Died in Real Life?
Archer Season 9
At San Diego comic con panel, Matt announced that Season 9 of Archer will be titled Danger Island. Like Archer: Vice and Archer: Dreamland, this will be yet another makeover of Archer and its characters.

Synopsis and Theme of Archer Season 9

In Season 9 (Danger Island) Archer (voiced by H Jon benjamin) will play the role of an eye patch wearing sea pilot who is gambling, drinking and roaming around the French peninsula in south pacific. He is accompanied by Co-pilot Pam Poovey who is also his energetic sidekick. Archer will also have a pet parrot who will talk (TOO MUCH). The parrot is named crackers and he will be voiced by Lucky Yates who is the voice behind Algernop Krieger.

Danger Island will be set in the year 1939 where Germany is invading Austria and Japan is on war with china. It is the beginning of World War 2. Lana (voiced by Aisha Tyler) will play the role of a Princess in this season. Malory Archer will play the role of a bar owner on the island and also she will once again be the mother of Sterling Archer. Carol aka Cheryl tunt will be a rich heiress who will be on the island for honeymoon. Of course her plans will be spoiled by Archer.

Apart from this Matt stated that Season 9 of Archer will go back to its root of fun and comedy unlike the previous season where it took a sudden dark turn. Even though there will be cannibals, super intelligent apes and quicksand yet it will be a fun journey.

On August 11, 2017 Archer’s official twitter handle retweeted Lucky Yates tweet that showed the photo of Archer Season 9 Episode 1 manuscript. Apparently, the Episode 1 of Archer Danger Island will be titled ‘Strange Pilot’ and it is written by Adam Reed. Here is what the tweet read –

Archer Season 9 Premiere Date

The exact date of Archer Season 9 is yet to be revealed by the channel but FX has cleared that Archer will return on network in mid 2018.