Annabelle (2014 Film)

In 2013, Horror film The Conjuring sent wave down the spine of many viewers. It was not only cited as the scariest movie of the year but many called as one of the scariest horror film of all time. The Conjuring followed up real life events and there were several unanswered questions. One such question was the story of the scary doll Annabelle. The success of The Conjuring led director James Waan to produce another horror film on Annabelle. Annabelle is a horror film that is spin off of The Conjuring.

Directed by John R Leonetti the film stars Annabelle Wallis in lead role. The idea of Annabelle came right after the success of The Conjuring. Many fans showed interest in the scary weird doll Annabelle. New Line Cinema has produced the film while it will be distributed by Warner Bros. Like The Conjuring, Annabelle is also based on true story and on one of the popular case of Lorraine Warren and Ed Warren.

Director – John R. Leonetti
Star Cast – Annabelle Wallis
Screenplay Writer – Gary Dauberman
Run-Time – 120 Minutes
Release Date – 2nd October 2014
Genre – Horror | Thriller
FilmSchoolWTF Rating – X Out of 5

Plot of Annabelle

The Plot of Annabelle focuses on a newly married couple of Johnny Gordon and Allison Gordon. Allison is pregnant and expecting a baby girl. So Johnny decides to buy a gift for his child that will also be liked by his wife. His eyes stuck on a vintage life size doll called Annabelle. Johnny buys that expensive doll for her wife and they both keep it in their Almira. However things take evil turn and they are attacked by a group of witchcraft cult following people at night while they were sleeping. Johnny is able to kill them. However their soul enters the doll.

Poster Of Annabelle


Annabelle Trailer

Annabelle Review

Annabelle is made on a budget of $20 million. The film has a new star cast. This is third film of Director John who has previously directed a Mortal Kombat film and the sequel of The Butterfly Effect. Are you interested in Watching Annabelle?