The Legend Of Ron Burgundy Might Continues With Anchorman 3

Will There be Sequel of Anchorman 2

Ron Burgundy and his news team has came twice in front of fans and both times the fan loved them. Anchorman which was released almost 10 years ago in 2004 met critical acclaim and commercial success. This led to a sequel in 2013 titles Anchorman: The Legend Continues. The sequel too met with positive response and there was gossip around the internet about a possible Sequel. Will Ferrell even stated in an interview in November 2013 that he is sure about a sequel. But looks like the director Adam McKay was not on the same page for a sequel. Adam went on to say (Feb 2014 with Rolling Stone) that Ron Burgundy is done and the legend will end here only.

However a recent follow up statement has showed his change of mind. Adam said in another interview that he is thinking about the possibility of an Anchorman sequel. He is not totally eliminating all the possibilities. It all depends on how the people took the series and that we come to know after repeat telecasts of the same film. It possibly takes two years or so to know the exact review of the film and how fans look at it.

Anchorman 3

So Was Adam hinting that if Anchorman 2 gets a good review at TV and DVD sales then he might go for a sequel. Adam statement came out during the DVD release of Anchorman 2. So was it all a statement to increase the DVD sales? If a sequel of Anchorman 2 happened than who will be among the main star cast? The events of Anchorman focused on the 70s while the sequel Anchorman 2: the Legend Continues focused on 80s decade. So there is still a lot of space for Anchorman 3.

If it actually happened then it will be interesting to see that who Adam will sign up for the cameos? The series is already filled with popular actors as Steve Carrell,David Koechner, Paul rudd and Christina Applegate. Both Anchorman and Anchorman 2 saw a lot of cameos. While Anchorman saw cameos of Danny Trejo, Judd Apatow, Ben Stiller, Seth Rogen, Tim Robbins and Luke Wilson. Anchorman 2 was full of cameos of celebrities like- Harrison Ford, Will Smith, Sacha Baron Cohen, Kirsten Dunst and Marion Cotillard.