Ab Tak Chhappan (2004) Movie Review

Director? Shimit Amin
Star Cast? Nana Patekar
Screenplay? Sandip Shrivastava
Run-Time? 120 minutes
Genre? Action, Crime
Our Rating? 3/5

Say Goodbye to the overly rated cop-crime movies of Hollywood and Sit back and watch Bollywood Legend Nana Patekar giving one of his best performance in Ram Gopal Verma’s produced film Ab Tak 56.The title which in english means ’56 til now’ actually is the ‘score’ of film’s main character in number of encounters. Nana Patekar plays the lead character Inspector Sadhu Agase. The film is said to be inspired from the life of real cops. The film got critical acclaim in India and was praised for its eccentric dialogues and plot matching reality. One good aspect of this film is that it shows how fraud encounters are carried out in India.
Plot: Ab tak 56 follows the life of Sadhu Agase who is head to encounter specialist branch of Mumbai Police. He is straight forward, courageous and have the no-nonsense attitude which is actually even admired by the gangsters. He has created a legacy of his won style and is admired by other police officers for his record encounters which is around 56. A Hard Cop from outside but a soft and caring father and husband from Inside, Sadhu is also known for helping poor people and kids. Sadhu has many cops under his wings but he never inspires them for encounter like him. He teaches them to judge the decision they make before taking any step. Sadhu’s world turn upside down when his wife is killed by mafias and the commissioner who supported him retires. Not only this he is framed into killing a police man. Now Sadhu is not only a wanted fugitive but also has to take revenge from the people responsible for his wife’s death.

Ab Tak 56

The Good: All the way Nana Patekar who made a Simple looking plot so interesting.
Nana Patekar is such versatile actor who doesn’t need to change his look to sound as a different character. The man has talent to play comic and dramatic role equally well.
The Bad: Nothing except it shows the sadistic attitude of police toward killing of people and carrying out encounters of even innocent persons. Encounter specialist are said to maintain their score of killing and the highest score is said to be 112.
Should I Watch It?: Recommended By us to every Indian. – STRONGLY.