8 Hollywood Movies Releasing this Friday – 5th June 2015

English Films Releasing this Friday

Finally Wrestler Turned Actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has proved that why he is currently a top horse in Hollywood. Dwayne was often criticized that he can only be successful in multi starer movies and he can not take a movie all by himself. This proved wrong however after San Andreas was released last week. Even though the film met with mixed reviews yet it was able to top the charts at box office and turned to be the highest grossing film of the week. San Andreas has grossed $53 Million this weekend and it is expected to do a business of at least $500 million. Pitch Perfect 2 is slowing down at box office and made $14 million in its third week. George Clooney’s Tomorrowland was expected to be a blockbuster but the film has only crossed $13 million in its second week (overall $63 million). Mad Max Fury Road has crossed $200 million at box office and in the past week it made $13 million. The sequel of Avengers is still moving towards the title of highest grossing film of the year and it made $10 million this week. Cameron Crowe’s Aloha was criticized by critics and fan and it has turned out to be a huge flop.

8 Hollywood movies are going to release this friday. It is less likely that any film will give competition to San Andreas. Avengers Age of Ultron also will get benefit from it. Here is a brief overview of the movies releasing this friday:

1. Spy:


Comedian Melissa McCarthy had it in her to take a movie single-handedly and lead the box office. Though Tammy was panned by critics and failed to perform at box office. Yet Melissa was optimistic about her career. Lucky for her that she got a chance to star in Spy. The early reviews of film are highly positive only second to Mad Max Fury Road (this year). So you can really expect that Spy is going to do good business at box office. The film also stars Jason Statham, Jude Law and Rose Byrne. Spy is story of a CIA analyst who chose to go undercover after several secret agents are either killed or caught.
2. Entourage:
Entourage is the movie version of Popular HBO TV series of same name. It is not expected to do much business but fans of the TV series might make it a hit movie at box office.
3. Love and Mercy:
John Cusack and Elizabeth banks starer Love and Mercy is biographical film based on the life of Brian Wilson (founder of pop Band The Beach Boys). The film covers two story lines one in past and another in Future. John Cusack plays the future Brian Wilson while Paul Dano plays the young Brian Wilson. Elizabeth Banks plays the love interest and future wife of Brian Wilson.
4. Insidious Chapter 3:
Insidious has established itself as a popular Horror movie series. The third installment in the series is set to release this friday 5th June 2015. The first two films in the series became two of the most profitable movies in recent times. With a mere budget of $1.5 Million Insidious made $97 million while Insidious 2 made $162 million with a budget of just $5 million. You can see the profit rate was above 90% for both movies. Insidious 3 is prequel to the first two movies and it has a new cast and new director. Fans of James wan (director of first two films) might not like it but expect this movie to do good business at box office.
5. A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence:
Directed by Roy Andersson, this film is a comedy drama and it will released to fewer screens as compared to other films. The early reviews for this films are good.
6. Testament of Youth:
This film is a romantic drama film which is set against the backdrop of world war 2. So if you like tearjerker movies then Testament of Youth might be a treat for you.
7. Police Story: Lockdown:
Police Story film series gained its own cult following in the past 3 decades. Thanks to Jackie Chan that the film attracted wider audience and became a cult hit. The 6th film in the series Police Story: Lockdown was released in 2013 in Hong Kong. The film will be re released in America this week.
8. Hungry Hearts:
Hungry Hearts was originally released in 2014. The film was well received at several film festivals. It will re-released at box office this week.