6 Hollywood Movies Releasing This Friday – 18th April 2014

Hollywood Films Releasing this friday

With Captain America 2 still scoring high at box office, it will be interesting to see if Marvel’s superhero flick will be able to keep up the face this week. Captain America 2 was able to defeat Fox Network Animation film Rio 2 with a good margin of over 2 Million dollars. None other film released previous friday gave tough competition to Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but this friday will become interesting when Captain America 2 and Rio 2 will have a face to face combat with another anticipated sci fi flick Transcendence which stars Johnny Depp in lead role along with Rebecca Hall and Morgan Freeman. If Captain America leads the box office this friday then it will cross $500 million mark and will get closer to the golden $1 Billion Mark.

1. Transcendence:
Johnny Depp’s sci fi film Transcendence is making news since past year. The film is seen as one of the most anticipated film of the year 2014 and is expected to do a very well business at box office. The trailers of the film got positive reviews but this is the case with Johnny depp where his trailers are loved by fans but in the end when the film comes out it comes out as a huge disappointment. Lets see if Transcendence brings any luck back to Johnny.
2. Fading Gig0lo:
Another film releasing this friday is John turturo’s Fading Gig0lo which stars Woody Allen and John Turturo himself in lead role along with Sofia Vergara and Sharon stone. Vanessa Paradis and Liev Schreiber also plays pivotal role in the film. Early reviews of film were positive.
3. A Haunted House 2:
A Haunted House 2 is sequel to 2013 horror parody film A Haunted House. While the original itself was not able to do any commercial or critical magic so it is less likely if the sequel will do any jaw dropping performance at box office.
4. Heaven is For Real:
Heaven is for real is a christian drama film and it will open to much lesser audience. The film is based on a 2010 book of same name.
5. Bears:
In the series of Disneynature films Bears is the next film releasing this friday. Disneynature films has done above average business at box office so Bears might be able to pull some audience.
6. Make Your Move 3D:
Dance film Make Your Move 3D dancer Derek and Korean pop singer BoA in lead roles. The film might attract asian audience to theaters.

This week the only film that is more likely to give any competition to Captain America 2 is Transcendence. Johnny depp’s previous films The Lone Ranger and Dark Shadows were a huge disappointment at box office so he desperately needs a successful film and Transcendence is his only hope right now.