13B (2009) Movie Review

Director? Vikram Kumar
Star Cast? R. Madhavan
Screenplay? Vikram Kumar
Run-Time? 137 minutes
Genre? Horror
Our Rating? 3/5

We often praise how good hollywood film maker makes films but we never realizes the fact that we often to fail to praise the innovative ideas and hard work of our own Indian directors and film makers. 13B is one such masterpiece film which was originally made in tamil with the title Yavarum Nalam. The film stars talented Bollywood actor and Tamil superstar R. Madhavan in lead role along with Sachin Khedekar and Neetu Chandra. To add to the beauty of the film is the music of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy.

Plot: 13B follows the life of young man named Manohar who shifts into a new building in a new apartment (13B) with his family. But as soon as the family shifts there a series of strange unexplained things begin. Manohar often gets blurred pictures of himself in the apartment, the lift never works and so on. The family get shocked when they see a new TV show named Sab Kheriyat which has striking similarities to their lives. Day after day the events of the show discloses new twists which actually happens into the life of Manohar and his family. As manohar tries to solve the mystery of the show he finds out that the show has taken a horrific turn where the members of the family are killed one by one. This scares Manohar and he finally decides to uncover the truth of the Producers of the Show. But who are the producers of the show? How they are so much aware about the happenings in Manohar life and how they can predict or even control his future? What they want from Manohar? There are lots of question that i will leave unanswered here as it will be better if you watch the film yourself and find out the truth 13B.
The Good: The Plot and acting
For one time you must clap for the brilliant performance of R Madhavan in the film. The plot of the film surely can even beat many Hollywood horror movies. It keeps you engaged and it is very unpredictable. You surely will get yourself deeply involved into 13B. You may even get Goosebumps.
The Bad: Practically Nothing
Should I Watch It?: Yes, It is an interesting horror film.